Making doors to order

There are various reasons pushing the consumer to make doors to order. Among them in the first place is the problem of non-standard doorways. Unfortunately, the Soviet past gives many residents of old apartment buildings trouble in the form of significant wall cuts and deformations of openings that can not be eliminated during the installation of the box. Having such design flaws, we simply have to agree to the manufacture of non-standard doors to order. It will be wider, narrower or shorter, it’s difficult for the consumer to install, because some “craftsmen” manage to add or take up to ten centimeters, which cannot be fixed after manufacture.

Call the measurer before ordering doors
Difficulties of measurements in the manufacture of steel doors to order also due to the size of the box, because sometimes we are dealing with a box, tightly embedded in the monolith wall. It requires an individual approach, because in the manufacture of steel doors to order they will have to narrow down to the width of the new box.

If your door is different in height from the standard, then in the manufacture of custom-made iron doors, some manufacturers provide for the installation of an accessory panel (molding) that allows the door to “grow” to 20 centimeters. Custom-made entrance doors may also be due to the presence of side panels, double doors or door components. In the manufacture of custom-made entrance doors, wishes for glazing, booking, as well as additional weatherization and protection are taken into account.

The value of the front door
The second motive of the manufacture of iron doors to order may be a question of aesthetics and prestige. For many people, the front door is evidence of material success, status, application for a certain level of wealth and weight in society. Rarely anyone in the mansion, made by the author’s project, orders a typical door. As a rule, the manufacture of entrance doors to order in this case is aimed not only at enhancing the protective functions, but also at conforming to the designer’s idea, style, and fashion trends. In this case, the order should be approached creatively. The front door is the first smile of the host, as the sophisticated French say.